Troubleshooting Access to Websites While Connected to VPN

Accessing geo-restricted websites is one of the essential assets a VPN provides. You can unlock tons of sites by connecting to different VPN server locations offered by BulletVPN. That being said, you can face some difficulties as some websites do block certain IP addresses, including BulletVPN.

Websites can be blocked in different ways. You may be unable to load the site in the first place, or you may see a block or geo-restriction message while trying to access its content, etc. We have included some tips that may help you access any website you want.

1- Connect to a different server location

Connecting to a different BulletVPN server location often solves the issue. You can choose a different server in the country in which that website operates in.

2- Turn off your Antivirus or Adblocker

Your antivirus/Adblocker/firewall may be blocking the access. Try switching off your antivirus on your device and disable any adblocker you are using within your browser. 

3- Clear your Cache memory

When you visit a website, your browser stores: information (such as the location of the site you visited), files used to run an online application, downloads (such as old versions of forms). Clearing Caches helps you maximizing speed, fixing page errors, and, most importantly, throw away location stamps. You can follow this guide to clear your Browser Cache memory: How to Clear Browser Cache.

4- Restart your device

If you have recently installed/used BulletVPN, try restarting your device to ensure that BulletVPN settings are applied.

5- Change your VPN protocol

Try changing your VPN protocol, as some websites or apps might block specific ports. Different connection methods have different network configurations.

6- Check your IP Address

 Check your IP Address to ensure your connection to the VPN location succeeded.

7- Turn off location services

If you are on a mobile device, turn off your device’s location settings or location services before connecting to the VPN.

  • For iOS devices, tap Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Toggle Location Services off.  Tap Turn Off to disable location services for all apps.
  • For Android devices, open Settings. Tap Location. At the top, turn off Use Location.


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