How to Set Up BulletVPN OpenVPN Manually on Raspbian Pi Desktop Using Command Line

Find your username and password for a manual VPN setup

In order to set up BulletVPN manually on your router, you will first need to obtain your BulletVPN credentials (i.e. username and password) for the manual configuration.

  • The Username is the email address that you used to create your BulletVPN account.
  • The VPN password for manual setups is not the same as the password for apps and the account. You can find it in the client area in the top-left green box next to VPN Pass. Click Show to view it.


Note: Please have your Username and VPN password ready, as you will be asked to enter them later in the setup process.

  1. Open Terminal and install OpenVPN client by using these commands :
    sudo su
    apt-get install openvpn
  2. Download OpenVPN configuration files from BulletVPN:
    wget ~/Downloads/
  3. Unzip the downloaded file:
    unzip ~/Downloads/
  4. Example connecting to "US - Chicago" server with TCP protocol:
    openvpn --config ~/Downloads/bulletVPN-US-Chicago-chi01-tcp.ovpn
  5. Enter Auth Username: Your account email address
  6. Enter Password: Use the VPN password you found above
  7. Now confirm you are connected (you should see your IP has changed):
    curl -s
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