How to Set Up BulletVPN L2TP Manually on Huawei Router

Find your username and password for a manual VPN setup.

  • The Username is the email address that you used to create your BulletVPN account.
  • The VPN password for manual setups is not the same as the password for apps and the account. You can find it in the client area in the top-left green box next to "VPN Pass." Click Show to view it.



Note: Please have your Username and VPN password ready, as you will be asked to enter them later in the setup process.


 Find the VPN server address.

In order to find the server address that you wish to use, please click here: Servers List.
Once you are on the servers list page, locate the VPN server address under Server Name. 


 Configure your Huawei router

  1. Launch your web browser
  2. Input your router's local IP address in the address bar. (It is usually,, or
  3. Input your router's login credentials when prompted
  4. Click on Settings in your upper menu, then click on VPN in your left menu.
  5. Now fill out the following details:

    • Enable L2TP LAC: Checked
    • LNS address: Copy the VPN server address you found above
    • Host Name: A name of your choice
    • Tunnel password: bulletvpn
    • Handshake interval(s): 60
    • Username: Your account email address
    • Password: Copy the VPN password you found above
    • Connection mode: Auto
      Click Save

    You should now see a Success or Connected message.

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