Kill Switch

The Kill Switch feature is intended to keep your privacy protected at all times.

Sometimes VPN connections fail during your active session, and you get disconnected from the VPN server without noticing right away. That could be problematic for some users as you lose your privacy and anonymity on the web, thinking that you are still connected to the VPN while, in fact, you are not.

This feature offers a reliable solution for the issue above.

If you are connected to one of our VPN servers, and that server disconnects due to some technical issue or error on the server itself, Kill Switch will cut off traffic from and to your device. This means it will disable internet connectivity on your device to protect your privacy. Please keep in mind that the Kill Switch does not apply if you disconnect your VPN connection manually. It will only be activated if a server-side issue arises.


How to enable the Kill Switch feature:

1. Go to “Settings.”

2. Select the “Kill Switch” checkbox.

Kill Switch + BulletShield

BulletShield is an addition to the Kill Switch feature that will strictly confine your internet connection to the VPN. When the BulletShield feature is switched on, you will have no internet access unless connected to a BulletVPN server. You will also get cut off from the internet after disconnecting from the VPN server (manually or due to a server-side error), providing even more security as you will not risk any of your traffic being routed elsewhere.

How to enable BulletShield 

  1. Go to “Settings.”
  2. Select the “Kill Switch” checkbox.
  3. Select the “BulletShield” checkbox.


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