How to Set Up BulletVPN OpenVPN Manually on DD-WRT Router

Download BulletVPN OpenVPN Configuration files Files and extract the files.

1. Log in to your DD-WRT router and Select "Services" then go to the "VPN" tab and Enable "OpenVPN Client".


2. Insert the following info:

  • Enter your "desired Server address" in Server IP/Name box. Click here to get the servers list.
  • In the ‘Port’ field, enter "1194".
  • Select "TUN" from Tunnel Device drop-down menu.
  • In Tunnel Protocol, select "UDP".
  • In Encryption Cipher field, select encryption level "AES-256 CBC".
  • For Hash Algorithm, select "SHA1".
  • "Enable" the "Advanced option".
  • For TLS Cipher select "None".
  • In LZO Compression tab select "Adaptive".
  • Enable "NAT". 
  • Disable "Firewall protection".
  • Leave the IP address and Subnet Mask field unfilled.
  • In Tunnel MTU setting enter "1500".
  • Enable the "Tunnel UDPMSS-Fix" option.
  • For TLS Auth Key, go to the downloaded BulletVPN OpenVPN Configuration files. Open the file titled "wdc.txt" in notepad, copy all its content and paste it in the TLS Auth Key field.
  • In Additional Configuration, insert auth-user-pass /tmp/user.txt.
  • For CA Cert, open the downloaded BulletVPN OpenVPN Configuration files. Now, open the file titled "ca.txt" in notepad, copy all its content and paste it in the CA cert field.
  • Now click on  "Save" then "Apply Settings".


3. Now, click on the Security Tab. Select the Firewall tab and go to SPI firewall and disable the option. Click on "Save" and "Apply Settings" again.

4. Now, click on the "Administration" tab and select the "Command" tab. Enter the following script in the command box:

touch /tmp/user.txt
echo -e “BulletVPN username\nBulletVPN passwrord” > /tmp/user.txt

There are some changes that you need to make in text box such as:

Change BulletVPN username with your email.
Change BulletVPN password with the password provided to you by BulletVPN.
In the end, click on "Save Startup"


5. Now, click on "Management" Tab go at the bottom and click on "Save" and then "Apply Settings" then click on "Reboot Router".

6. Once router reboots, log in again to your router and click on "Status" and select "OpenVPN". You can see your VPN status from this window.


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