How to Setup BulletVPN PPTP Manually on Windows 10

1. Click on your "connected Lan / WiFi icon" and click on "Network settings".


2. Click on "VPN" then click on "Add a VPN connection".


3. Insert the following info:

  • Choose "Windows (built-in)" from VPN Provider drop down menu.
  • Enter "BulletVPN" in the Connection name field.
  • Insert desired server address in Server name or Server address box. You can choose one of our servers from the list here.
  • Select "Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)" from VPN type drop down menu.
  • Select "User name and password" from Type of sign-in info drop down menu.


4. Insert your email address and the password provided by "BulletVPN". 

  •  Select "Remember my sign-in info" and click on "Save". 


5. Click on VPN Connection “BulletVPN”.


6. Click on "Connect".


7. VPN will be established in few seconds. If you get any error connecting, you can contact our support department here.


8. You are now connected to VPN Successfully. 


9. Use "Disconnect" button to disconnect VPN.

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