How to Setup BulletVPN OpenVPN Manually on Windows 10

1.  Download the BulletVPN Windows OpenVPN Configuration files here.

2. Go to Save the installer .exe file.

3. Right-click on the installer .exe file and click on Run as administrator to start the Setup Wizard.

4. Click Yes.

5. Click Next.


6. Click I Agree.

7. On the Choose Components screen, click Next.


8. On the Choose Install Location screen, click Install.

9. Click Install.

10. When you see the Installation Complete screen, click Next.


11. You will see a message telling you that OpenVPN has been installed on your computer. Uncheck the Show Readme box, then click Finish.

Now, we will configure the OpenVPN GUI with the BulletVPN Windows OpenVPN Configuration files we downloaded in step 1.

During the installation process, an OpenVPN GUI shortcut was added to your Desktop. Right-click the OpenVPN GUI shortcut and click Open file location.

13. You are now in the C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\bin directory. We want to go up one directory, to C:\Program Files\OpenVPN. Click OpenVPN in the Address bar to enter that directory.

14. We now want to enter C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config. Double click the config folder to enter it.

15. Open BulletVPN Windows OpenVPN Configuration files we downloaded in Step 1. Select and copy pass.txt and the files for the destinations you wish to use, and paste them in the C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config folder.

Note: only 50 configuration files can be imported at the same time.

     You might see this “Destination Folder Access Denied” pop-up. It will ask you to provide administrator permission to move things into the config folder. Check the box for Do this for all current items, then click Continue.

16.  Open pass.txt with Notepad and enter your email address and the password provided by BulletVPN.

 17. Right-click on the "OpenVPN GUI shortcut" on the Desktop and choose "Run as administrator" to launch it.



18. Click Yes.

19. Right-click the OpenVPN GUI icon in the system tray.

 You will see a list of all the servers. Hover over your preferred VPN server, then click Connect.



20. When the connection has been established, a speech bubble will notify you of your new connected status.

21. To disconnect from the VPN server, right-click on the OpenVPN GUI icon in the system tray, hover over the VPN server you are connected to, then select Disconnect. 

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