How to Set up BulletVPN OpenVPN Manually on Ubuntu Linux

1. Note down your VPN Password. The VPN Pass is used for setting up manual connections, and you can find it by navigating to your BulletVPN client area. Once logged in, click Show in the top left green box next to VPN Pass.



2. Download BulletVPN OpenVPN Configuration Files.


3. Extract the zipped archive by right-clicking on the downloaded file, and selecting Extract Here.



4. Launch Terminal and download OpenVPN Network Manager on Ubuntu by running the following command.

sudo apt-get install -y network-manager-openvpn-gnome



5. Click on the Network Manager icon in the menu bar. The icon may be in the shape of two arrows, a WiFi signal, or two computer screens.


6. Click Edit Connections.



7. Click the Add button.BulletVPN-Network-Manager-Add-Connection.jpg


8. Select Import a Saved VPN configuration from the drop down menu.



9. Click the Create button.



10. Browse for the extracted archive (from Step 3) and select any desired server config file, and then click Open.



11. Enter your BulletVPN username and VPN Pass (from Step 1).



12. Click Save, and then Close on the next window.



13. Click on the Network Manager icon again, and then click on your newly created connection under VPN Connections sub menu.



14. You will then be connected and will get a successfully established connection notification.



15. Navigate to to confirm that your IP and location have been updated.



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