How to Block Google DNS on Huawei HGXXX Router

  1. First make sure your router is set to use our DNS
  2. In the router settings page go to Advanced then select firewall (some other routers show IP filtering under Advanced tab you just have to look for IP filtering) as in the picture
  3. Open the firewall level drop down list & choose custom then name it google then submit it
  4. Now choose the firewall level you just created named google then from the options under choose IP filtering
  5. Click on new then go down & enter the same exact values in the picture below then click submit 
  6. Repeat step number 4 but with google's second DNS like in picture below then click submit 
  7. Now you should be done setting up all settings needed like in the picture below
  8. Now you just need to reboot and you should be good to go


First step of troubleshooting should always be to restart device(s) and router. Then check your setup status in your SmartDNS dashboard

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