How to Setup Smart DNS for Chromecast

First of all, you will have to set up your router to use our DNS as you can't set the DNS manually on a Chromecast. For this purpose, please see our setup guides.

Secondly, the Chromecast is programmed to communicate with Google´s own DNS servers:, As a result, the Chromecast will communicate with the Google DNS servers even if you have set your router to use SmartDNS. To use Chromecast with SmartDNS, you will need to block access to Google DNS from the router.

We will update this page with a list of guides for the routers we have available. Please don’t ask for additional guides not listed here.



The first step of troubleshooting should always be to restart the device(s) and router. Then check your setup status in your SmartDNS dashboard

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