How to Install BulletVPN App on Windows

1. Go to


2. From the menu on the top, select Apps, then click on the "Download" button under "BulletVPN for Windows."


3. When the installer downloads, double-click on it to open it. Then click on "Run" when prompted.


4. Click on "Yes" to allow the installer to make changes to your PC.


5. Select "I accept the agreement," then click on "Next."


6. Click on "Next" to install the BulletVPN application to the default programs directory.


7. Select "Create a desktop shortcut" and "Create a Quick Launch icon" to add a shortcut to the BulletVPN application on your desktop and taskbar. Then, click "Next."


8. Click on "Install" to start the installation.


9. When the installation finishes, select "Yes, restart the computer now," then click on "Finish" to restart your computer.


10. When the computer restarts, click on the BulletVPN shortcut icon on your desktop, and grant it permission, when prompted, by clicking "Yes."


11. When the application loads, enter your account's email and password, then click on "Sign In." You can check the "Save Password" box to log in automatically.


12. When logged in, you can see the connect button and a default server selected.


13. To select another server, click on the "Locations" button in the side menu. Click on a server to select it.


14. When taken back to the home screen, click on "Connect."


15. You are now connected to the VPN server you selected.


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